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We provide high-quality mental counseling services


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Offering professional psychological help


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Unique cognitive-behavioral approach


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Opening Hours

8.00 – 17.00
9.30 – 17.30
9.30 – 15.00

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About Our Clinic

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Qualified Doctors

25 years of experience

Individual Counseling

Professional psychotherapy

Couples Counseling

Mental help for families

Referring Therapists

Experts you can trust

Founder, Senior Psychologist

Dr. Richard Molloy

20 years of experience

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Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Julia Jameson

9 years of experience

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Rodney Stratton

16 years of experience

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Max Turner

10 years of experience

Child Psychologist

Dr. Amy Adams

6 years of experience